Feeling good regardless of the circumstance is one thing that I teach. Here’s a simple, inexpensive way to look and feel better.

Do It Yourself Facial  (for men and women because everyone likes to look and feel good)

1. Wash face using a gentle cleanser
2. Gently exfoliate (gently rub face with something that removes dead skin cells). I like to use the Peter Thomas Roth X Foliating Gel (see blog entry Feb. 7, 2015). You could also slowly and gently go over your face with a damp washcloth.
3. Steam your face for five minutes using about 2 or 3 cups of hot water in a bowl, leaning over the bowl while placing a bath towel over your head. Please be careful here as it can be very hot on your face. You adjust the temperature by the distance your face is from the bowl and by lifting a part of the towel to let air out or keep it in.
4. If you like you can apply a facial mask while your pores are still moist and open from the steam treatment. The type of mask you use should be based on your skin type, dry, normal or oily. You can buy one  at a drug  store or make one yourself (homemade mask recipes can be found online).
5. Finish with your favorite face cream or potion. Because my skin is dry I like to use Pure Argon MILK by Josie Maran at Sephora (Nope, I don’t get these product for free or at a discount for mentioning them. Before purchasing, try a free sample.)

Making time in your life for treating yourself with care & kindness benefits you and those you love too.

With love, Jackie