Who doesn’t enjoy being the beneficiary of an act of kindness, right? Here’s the good news, kindness benefits the giver and the receiver! Any kindness we show to ourselves or another person, any positive thought we think, anything good we do for our environment, benefits not only us but the world we live in too.

Here are just a few examples:

When we make time to take care of ourselves – we feel better! When we feel better our life flows more smoothly, we are happier. We then bring this good feeling into our relationships.

When we smile at someone as we’re shopping – many times they smile back and now we both feel a little better. For a moment, we are connected by a good feeling. Β This good feeling influences our next choice and maybe theirs too.

When we garden or plant a flower – we feel good, maybe even delighted and plants are good for our environment.

When we’re in traffic and we let someone go ahead of us – we know how good it feels when someone does that for us, and now traffic continues to flow smoothly. Perhaps this helps someone get to their destination on time.

Can you see the “not so hidden”message in the examples above?
Choosing kindness leaves us feeling good!

Even when we don’t see the direct result of how our act of kindness has effected the “big picture” be assured it has because what we think, say and do matters. It has a ripple effect out into our lives and our world.

I like to think of it this way, with every choice we make we’re either making life better or “not better” for ourselves and others. Who wouldn’t want to make their own life just a little better? Why not experiment? Be aware when you’re choosing kindness and see how it feels. For extra credit, try responding in kindness when you are feeling anything but kind in the moment.

“Be nice to everyone you meet, they are fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

With love, Jackie