What if we were given a computer when we were kids, fully loaded with the current software at that time. As we grew we’d become used to using it. What if we never asked the question “is this software getting me what I want or is there something better now?” If we never ask, the old programs keep comfortably running. Why would anyone want to keep outdated software when there may be something better that would give us more of what we want? You might think it’s laughable, absurd, behind the times, maybe even shocking for someone not to have upgraded their computer? Guess what? That’s exactly what we do with our old thoughts and beliefs. They were downloaded into us when we were young and overtime we got used to them. They became comfortable, and they’re still running, unexamined, in the background of our mind!! Not only are they still running, but they are controlling our current day choices too.

Our current choices are based on our past experience. Since the messages we received in our past are running the show, wouldn’t it be helpful to know what those messages are? Then we could choose to keep those that are helpful and get rid of the ones that don’t feel good. We could feel better today.

Are you thinking that it’s probably easier to do a software upgrade on our computer rather than on ourselves? You maybe right, since removing software from the computer is generally not an emotional experience. Think about how good it would feel good to have all that old, useless software off of our computer. Now think about yourself. How good might it feel to have old, negative, painful thoughts and beliefs out of you, possibly wonderful? Be careful here as you might feel lighter, brighter with a dash of joy.

So, how would we go about taking a look at what old, obsolete software is still running inside of us? Here are a couple of suggestions.

1. When you’re talking with someone, listen to the words you’re using and notice the thoughts that are producing those words. Generally our old beliefs, positive and negative, will surface here, for example, ” I don’t trust myself, the people at work don’t know what they’re doing, I’m really good at ping pong, something can always go wrong, I’m not very good with money, relationships are hard work” etc. Try and catch them. Examine them to see if you still want to keep them. If you don’t, let them go and replace them with something you’d rather believe or think, something that makes you feel better. Every time the old thought surfaces, kick it out and replace it with the new one.

2. On a piece of paper write down all the different areas of your life, for example, relationships, leisure time, finances, work, health etc. What is the current state of each of these categories in your life? That will show you what you currently believe about it. Under each one, write down what belief seems to be governing this area based on the results you are currently observing. Then ask yourself, “Do I like this?, Does it make me feel good?, Does having this belief produce the results I want in this area?” If it doesn’t, toss it out and replace it with something that makes you feel better, and just as I mentioned above, every time the old thought surfaces, replace it with the new one.

We can choose our thoughts….. AND our lives are created from those thoughts. Why continue to live with something that doesn’t produce the life you desire when something better is just a thought away?
With love, Jackie