Do you know anyone who doesn’t want a simpler life? This week I’m sharing a few ideas that simplify mine.

– I wanted to pay fewer bills, so I put as many as possible on automatic payment using credit cards or automatic withdrawal (debit). By paying with either of these two methods, a payment is never late. Instead of paying multiple bills, I pay one at the same time I pay the credit card.

– There are many times I wanted to quickly find a date for things I bought or did infrequently, for example, when I purchased something like a piece of furniture, large appliance, completed a home improvement/maintenance project (new floor, heating or A/C fixed), or had my last medical appointment. I started a binder divided into sections to record when these purchases, expenses or appointments occurred. I also recorded where the purchase was made, or who did the work, how much I paid, and if I was satisfied or would do something different next time. You could also start a “binder” on your cell phone or computer (under “Notes” on your iPad or iPhone, or Word on a PC). I also included a pocket or paper protector for corresponding invoices or warranties.

– There were frequently papers everywhere when I was working on a new project or task. I didn’t like the added mess and disorganization so I started a file folder that was plainly labeled and put all the papers that pertained to the project in there. This kept everything together in one place (and felt ever so much better ๐Ÿ˜Š).If a file folderย wouldn’t contain it, I’d use an attractive basket or some type of container I could put it in until I needed to work on it again.

In my opinion a great idea is one that improves the quality of my life. Doing the simple things mentioned above felt better than what I was doing before. Maybe these ideas will help spark some of your own. Think of something in your life that repeatedly bugs you. Can you think of one small thing you could experiment with that might begin to change this? Keep fine tuning your experiments until one of them feels better.

With love, Jackie