I had an exciting personal revelation the other day I wanted to share with you. I realized life is not about what many of us think it is. From our perspective perhaps life encompasses being born, dying, and doing some things in between like growing up, creating relationships, having kids, finding fulfilling work, etc. All of these things are part of our journey, but they are not what the essence of life is about. They are the things and events of our lives.

Life, in my opinion, is actually about turning our problems or challenges into something precious, something wonderful. I thought to myself, how can this be, how can life be so paradoxical? Happiness is the result of standing up to the scariest of our fears and finding we no longer need to be afraid, we are free. Does this not seem like a well hidden secret to you? It does to me. It’s the ultimate transformation, turning something we really don’t want, (pick any negative emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, depression) into something we absolutely want, (happiness, contentment, understanding, appreciation, love) one little step at a time.

Each time we constructively challenge one of our “problems” we make a deposit into our account that contains our sense of well-being and it grows larger. When we’ve done this enough, we begin to experience happiness. You could say it’s like depositing money in a bank account. At first a few deposits might not look like much, but if we keep making deposits, over time, we can create financial freedom. This allows for more of what we want.

Every time we take an open and honest look at the problem before us and decide, from a positive or constructive perspective, what we’re going to do or how we are going to think about it, we grow stronger, gain more emotional freedom, feel less fear, feel more competent, worry less, experience less stress, gain clarity, etc. What we stand to gain by doing this is in direct proportion to the amount of emotional distress a problem triggers in us. The bigger the challenge we’ve moved through (in a way that leaves us feeling good), the larger the deposit into our account of well-being. The opposite is also true. When we deal with problems in a way that leaves us feeling depleted we are subtracting from our sense of well-being.

I have heard in the past and I believe, the purpose of life is about finding our gift, and the meaning in life comes from using our gift in the service of others. One step along the way to figuring out our purpose is contained in the above paragraphs. Each “deposit” we make, no matter how small, makes our purpose more clear.

I wish I could convey to you the excitement I felt when this realization washed over me. It felt like I had just been downloaded with a piece of universal wisdom. It was no longer a concept in my head but a feeling in my heart.

With love, Jackie