Good morning everyone. Because of Thanksgiving, a day we gather with family and friends, I’m writing today instead of Saturday to offer a new “pre Thanksgiving day warm-up”.

Instead of the main focus being on guests, food and preparation, what about taking a moment to shift the focus to our own well-being? Your response may be “who has time for that?” To which I would say ” Are you worth taking one, ok, maybe two minutes to ask yourself two questions;
-How would you like to feel at the end of Thanksgiving day or your Thanksgiving vacation?
-What’s the smallest thing you can do to begin to create this feeling?

For an example I’ll share some of my answers with you.
My answer to question #1;
I’d like to feel content as opposed to overwhelmed, blessed instead of burdened, comfortably full or satisfied instead of stuffed and uncomfortable. I’d like to feel happy with my choices of words, thoughts, food and beverages and feel like I would choose the same way again.

My answer to question#2;
Focus on how I was doing things instead of what I was doing. This includes kindly asking for help, and deciding ahead of time what I’d like to eat and drink to create a feeling of satisfaction, and avoid feeling overfull. I also want to let go of a preconceived idea of how Thanksgiving “should” be and respond to whatever unfolds as gracefully as I can

The truth is, if you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving day (that supports your sense of well-being) it will enrich the lives of all of those around you.

May your blessings be too numerous to count.πŸ™πŸ»

With love, Jackie