I was talking to someone the other day.Ā One of the things they saidĀ started to percolate in my mind.Ā They mentioned an idea they found to be helpful,Ā “getting rid of thingsĀ that are no longer usefulĀ makes space for new things”. This reminded me of my weight loss journey and perhaps my experienceĀ can add insight into your own, whatever your challenge is.

I didn’t know this when I beganĀ but, as I started taking steps on Ā my journey, I realized that my old ways, my old choices were bringing me things I didn’t want, extra weight, discomfort and unhappiness with myself. Though I had no idea where my new choices might take me I knew one thing, I wanted no more of what my old choices were bringing me. My tipping point came when I finally desired change, any change, over the way I was currently experiencing life.

At that point I was willing to risk venturing into the scary unknown versus staying with my old choices. Ā Unbeknownst to me at that time,Ā by getting rid of my old detrimental ways, I made space for the new. My new choices brought me a much lighter and brighter life, filled with love. I imagined a lot of great things, but what I got was even more wonderful. One of those precious gifts was freedom from emotional pain or, at the very least, knowing how to process it when it came,Ā so I didn’t have to continue to experience it (over and over again like I did in my past). This is my wish for you too, the end of mental/emotional pain and a life filled with more lightness and love.

Would you enjoy your life more if you knew you couldn’t make a wrong step? Each step you take, if you take the time to look at what it created, will bring you a piece of information you can use to improve your life and feel better. The bottom line is, if we desire change and are ready, we will do whatever it takes and if we’re not ready we won’t. Acceptance of wherever we are right now in this process is the key. It is not “better” to be ready for change than it is not to be ready, it’s just where we are.

Are you wondering whether you’re ready to change some of your choices? As you tune in to the feelings your choices are bringing you, you will have your answer. No matter what you choose, the old or the new, please remember to always treat yourself with kindness and gentleness.

May your holidays bring you warmth and contentment.

With love, Jackie