When you believe in yourself, you will not care if anyone else does or not.

When you forgive yourself, it won’t matter if other people do or not.

When you are comfortable with yourself, it won’t matter what other people say. You will treat yourself and others with kindness and respect whether they love you, blame you, forgive you or not.

When you value yourself and believe in your own self-worth, you will stop looking for other people’s approval.

It is an inside job. No one has the power to make you feel guilty, embarrassed, defensive or angry unless you give it to them. The reason we feel that other people can make us feel a certain way is because they are just confirming what we are already feeling inside about ourselves. We have given our power (of choice) away. We have allowed someone else to determine how we feel. If we want to feel better we can take our power back and make a new choice. Thinking a new thought that is more in line with what we desire is a first step. 👣

With love, Jackie