I was setting a timer this morning as a reminder to give someone medication in the evening. As I set the timer for 12 hours later, I realized that most of our days are composed of about 16 HOURS. I never really thought of my day in terms of a few hours before. 

This awareness switched my brain into a reflective mode and this is what I began to ask myself; 16 hours…how do I want to feel while these hours pass? If our thoughts create our experience, what will mine consist of? What choices do I have? Will I blame others? Will I criticize or judge? Will I feel stressed about the things that aren’t the way I’d like them to be? I used to automatically do those things without even being aware of it. Other choices…I could also notice the things & people around me that I enjoy. I can appreciate the things I’m good at & the things I find fun or that make me laugh? It’s my choice & it’s your choice too. Did you even know you had a choice about what to think?

I didn’t know that until about 10 years ago. You are not a powerless bystander of the thoughts that run through your mind. Well, the truth is you can be if you want to be, but you can also practice choosing a new thought, one that ADDS to your sense of well-being, instead of subtracting from it. So today, as you become aware of how many hours are left in your day, what will it be, addition or subtraction? Your thoughts will create your experience today. Will you focus on the things that create a pleasant feeling, or will you just go with whatever pops into your head? 🤔 Your choice!

With love Jackie

“ The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your partner, traffic jams, health challenges or other circumstances. It comes from YOUR thoughts about the circumstances.” – Andrew J. Bernstein