The title of my blog reflects the spirit in which I offer the information, “with love”.

I am a registered nurse with a coaching practice (www.worthweightingfor.net) that helps people who have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off, just like I did for decades. I’m a mother of two grown sons, one of whom is severely autistic. Because of life’s challenges, I learned to enjoy taking care of myself. You can too.

Why share my ideas about weight loss, parenting, skincare, health and personal growth? First, (my client said it best) “why should I be the only one to feel this good?” and second, all of these things I learned, I wish I had known earlier in life. If they’re helpful to you too, home run! Kindly take what works and leave the rest.

If you’d like, you can share your experience, make comments or ask questions as all are welcome here.

This blog is about feeling better. You do deserve a wonderful life and only you can create it. It’s never too late. It starts with feeling just a little bit better so let’s get going!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Jackie,

    My name is JD, and I’m reaching out from Inspower because I saw a comment of yours on MarcAndAngel (awesome blog, BTW it’s in my weekly reading list).

    From your comment I jumped to your blog, read your posts and I have to say I’m impressed… Great job! That’s why I decided to reach out because it’d really be awesome to interview you for our blog. Our followers would love to hear about you 🙂

    Inspower is an inspirational content company, being http://Inspower.co our flagship blog (300k+ visitors/month). We also have 3.2MM Twitter followers where we tweet inspirational/motivational quotes. Check out one of our accounts: https://twitter.com/inspowerminds
    We also have a pretty active facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/inspowerco) with 330k fans.

    Anyways, are you up for an interview with us?

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Inspower Content Team

    P.S. If your interview goes well with our readers, we’d like to discuss about you being a regular guest author in our blog. Would you be interested in that?


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