If I could give you only one gift it would be this, the end of self-judgment and self-criticism. It harms your spirit, it takes away your ‘sparkle’, interferes with your creativity and eventually, leaves you feeling helpless or hopeless. How do you end a lifetime of self-judgment you’re not even aware of?  Give the green light to all of your feelings, bad, good or ‘not sure’ and don’t judge them. Don’t listen to anyone, including yourself, telling you it’s not okay to feel that way.   The quickest way to get past unpleasant or painful feelings is to allow yourself to feel them. Then what?  Pick a new thought that you believe and that feels better.  It’s kind of like trying on shirts in the morning.  If the shirt you put on doesn’t look good to you, put on a different one. Keep going until you find one you like, then “wear” it, or in this case repeat it and enjoy it. 

Any positive or kind thought we hold about ourselves chips away at self-criticism.

With love, Jackie