I recently took a trip back home to Wisconsin to visit my family. Our tribe is composed of people who are politically right, left and center. We have those who have practiced conservative religion for a lifetime and those with no religion. We have vegans and meat eaters, those who hunt and fish and those who wouldn’t harm a bug.

The time we spent together daily was meaningful, playful and full of love. I couldn’t help but reflect on how rich the experience was because of all this diversity. I also wondered how we all flowed together so easily when such differences have a tendency to separate people instead of bringing them together. This is what I came up with. Love, in the form of acceptance can transcend any differences. We all seemed to accept each other as we were. No one was trying to make their point or influence someone else’s point of view. We enjoyed what was “original” about each other, we had fun, and we focused on what we had in common.

Acceptance is the opposite of judgement. It allows love to flow not only to others but to us. Why? Because when we aren’t spending time forming judgements of others, love can enter. Believe it or not, being loving (kind, accepting, respectful, etc.) is our default mode when our negative thoughts or feelings move out of the way.

So…….. is there anyone or any situation in your life that could benefit from your acceptance? In the privacy of your own mind, why not try it on in some small way. Experiment with a new thought and see how it might feel to let go of any criticism you may currently hold about someone or something. You can keep the criticism if you choose or…… you can choose to open your heart, focus on what is good and let love in.

With love, Jackie