I was speaking with a stranger the other day. I had just observed a wonderful exchange between her and another person I didn’t know. As we began talking, I mentioned that I noticed people in general seem to be more kind to each other. She agreed, then told me about her “rule of 3”.

She said that every day she aims to consciously do three acts of kindness.  She feels that when she focuses on three acts of kindness, she’s focused on what she can give, EVERY DAY! Did the meaning of life just get a little clearer with this idea? Just thinking about delivering an encouraging word, an unexpected kindness or a silent “blessing” feels good, right?

To begin each day wondering what three things, or even one, we might have the opportunity to do for someone else just might brighten our day and perhaps lighten someone’s “load”, (though we may never know). That feels like a win-win. There’s also a bit of fun and mystery in this because for the most part, we won’t know what kindness we might be able to share until we are actually in a situation.

Here are some of the things she told me about:

-A sincere complement or greeting for the checker at the grocery store or her waiter/waitress (everyone appreciates being acknowledged)

-Sending off an unexpected, encouraging email

-Letting someone else have the closer parking spot

-A silent blessing for the person who cut her off in traffic or a homeless person she sees on the street

-When she was shopping, someone with limited mobility was struggling to reach something. She noticed and offered her help

So, if we were to allow ourselves to be influenced by these examples, we might choose to turn our focus to committing startling acts of kindness. Whether these kind choices are aimed at ourselves or others, whether they are private thoughts or outward actions, it doesn’t matter because, as Aesop said, “No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” All of them contribute to our personal enrichment as well as the “polishing” of humanity.

How would you like to be the recipient of a startling act of kindness? 🙆

With love, Jackie