If you want to find out, take a moment to ask yourself some of the following questions;

Do you take time for your precious self?

Do you feed yourself healthy food?

Do you make time to exercise your body? 

Are you true to yourself? 

Do you make time to pursue your own interests?

Do you have a career, a life, a partner or friends you love?

Do you take a moment to change critical or judgmental thoughts about yourself into kind supportive ones?

Have you been able to release any negative feelings you harbor inside about anything or anyone so you can feel better?

In the past my answer to the majority of these questions would have been “no”. How do you feel about your answers? Look around at the different parts of your life, your relationships, your job or career, your free time or lack there of, your finances, your health and fitness. There you will see reflected what you currently think you are worth. If you are not happy with the reflection in one or all of those areas in your life, you can change how you feel about it now by changing your thoughts. How do we change our thoughts?

Instead of looking at your current situation in any one of those categories, you can change your focus to what you’d rather have. How would you like it to look? Spend a few minutes thinking about how you would prefer it to be. Which one feels better, thinking about the way it is, or the more desirable way that you are envisioning? Go with the one that feels better, ALWAYS, simply because, anything we do from a place of feeling good turns out better. It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? It took me decades to figure this out and put it into practice. I was more focused on what I considered “reality” or my current situation at the time, which was not helpful and did not leave me feeling better.

Many of us spend a lot of time giving our thoughts and energy to things that don’t make us feel good. Why? Because we don’t know how to change it or that it is even possible to change it. I never even considered that. What if we decided to do something radical and change our thoughts? What if we picked better feeling thoughts on purpose and replaced the old ones that did not feel good? Who does that? I do now, would you like to join me?

With love, Jackie