I have a little daily meditation book that a wonderful friend of mine told me about. When I take my quiet time, I look forward to reading the thought for the day and turning my focus to it. It is called “A Cherokee Feast Of Days”. The other day, one of the meditations felt especially meaningful. I thought you might like it too. What follows is just a piece of it.

“There is power in a word whether we read it, speak it, or hear it. Words are tools, weapons, both good and bad medicine – but very beautiful when used lovingly. Words have the power to help heal or to make sick people sicker by negative talk around them. The word gives confidence when it builds rather than destroys. Until we listen to our own voices and how we talk, we would never guess how we use our own words.”  

After reading that I decided to set a gentle intention to become more aware of the words coming out of my mouth. This led me to wonder about where the words we use originate. They originate in our thoughts. Our words are a reflection of the thoughts and beliefs we hold. So, in order to choose my words more lovingly and kindly, I decided I needed to choose more loving and kind thoughts.

Think back for a moment and feel the power a kind or unkind word has had on you in the past. Would it be possible to give yourself, and perhaps someone else, a kind word today?

With love, Jackie