NEWS FLASH!!! You are enough, you are good enough just as you are, regardless of what other people, or your own mind, keeps telling you! The truth is that you are a human being who is always good enough! And yes, I am talking to YOU without even knowing you.

Listen to your internal critic disagree with that statement when you read it. It’s probably taking your inventory, listing all your self criticisms, to tell you why that statement is so not true. Please acknowledge and disregard this voice in your head. It usually comes from a part of our past experience or “past programming” from our youth, and it prevents us from blossoming into the lovely human being we truly are. How do I know that’s true? Just ask yourself this question: “If I didn’t believe that negative thought, what new choice(s) would I make?”

So today, as an act of kindness to yourself, why not experiment with taking one new tiny step, a new thought, a new choice of words, or a new action, that is distinctly in opposition to any one of your self criticisms? What do you have to lose, how about an old belief that you have held for a long time that was never true to begin with? šŸ¤”

With love, Jackie