I heard the sweetest and incredibly inspiring story on the radio Monday about a kindness received and later “paid forward”. The radio station said it was “make a difference Monday”, then they offered this heart warming story. It was from a mom who said that at one point in her life she didn’t have enough money for school supplies for her elementary school daughter. She felt bad about sending her daughter to school without the proper supplies, but she was worried about putting food on the table. She tried to salvage all she could from last year‘s school supplies. She ended up with a tattered but repaired folder and 2 pencils. On the morning of the first day of school, as they open their door to leave the house something magical happened. There was a box of new school supplies on their doorstep with everything her daughter needed!

Now that this mom is financially stable, on the first day of school she follows her daughter into school with enough supplies for another 10 to 15 students and gift cards for the teachers! She still does not know who left the badly needed and greatly appreciated school supplies. 

She noted how this one act of kindness years ago, continues to touch many lives beyond their own, teachers, other students and now a radio station’s listening audience. It is the ripple effect of kindness. May it never end……….🙏🏻

With love, Jackie