“If you’d like to go on the journey of a lifetime, begin living your life with intention.”                                           – J. Bowden 😉

In my work, one of the things people seem to find most helpful is the idea of intentions. An intention is our statement (to ourself) of what we want, like a new job, enjoying more free time, or to be happier. It’s something we want to create. Living life with intentions can make it more interesting and fun.

An intention can form from something we’ve always known we wanted, like a new car, or it can just be the opposite of what we don’t want, example: we have debt and we want to be debt-free. Why we’re choosing that intention is even more important. Is it because we’re afraid of something or because we desire something wonderful for ourselves? For example, an intention, like having a new car can originate because we want people to notice us (a somewhat negative reason) or because we think the car is fun to drive (a more positive reason). When we have intentions for a positive reason, like happiness or fun, we create good things in our lives and we feel better. The opposite is also true. Intentions that originate from negativity, like jealousy or anger, can create unwanted results and we don’t feel good.

Intentions can be the first step in creating a life that you love. Why not try one on and see for yourself? They don’t usually show up overnight, but over time, just like a toddler learning to walk, you can see the results beginning to take shape.
Happy Creating!

With love, Jackie