“Children learn what they live.”  – Dorothy Law Nolte

Enjoying parenting and raising happier kids is my wish for you.
One of the most important lessons I learned while parenting was this:

If I wanted a respectful kid I needed to treat them with respect with my words and actions.

Here’s what I’ve come to know:
We are their most important role model.
They are watching what we do more than listening to what we say.
How we treat them and speak to them can make them feel like there’s nothing they can’t accomplish or like there’s no reason to even try.

Like me, you might think this sounds good but HOW do we make this happen? If I may offer a suggestion it would be this, find something you enjoy and start doing it for any length of time. Making ourselves happy is the first step to self-respect. Once we respect ourselves,we just naturally pass it on to our kids.

With love, Jackie